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[图文] or he might be in serious trouble. "Carson?" Mr. Sims, who was usually rather strict with his students, was suddenly looking at Carson with his eyes wide open, rolling his stick in his hand. Carson had to

[图文] land I might have made it.” It was not tiredness or even the cold water that defeated her. It was the fog At the end of three months, however, he began making excuses about why he couldn't go there more


1.Why was the author's mother poorly served? A.She was unable to speak good English. B.She was might be inspiring to those who have been following this now familiar issue. 57.There are certainly

希望能帮你吧:you are a (lucky) dog.dog是名词,前面要用形容词来修饰,所以用 这里也是祈使句,整个句子缺了个动词,Don't = Do notmolly is only three years old ,


我听到的是公主问你去干啥 男的说 save the world 公主说 if you save the world, I will let you in asshole.

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