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why Don t you Do sth

这两个句型意思基本相同,一般可以替换: why not do sth 为什么不做某事呢?表示建议,提议做某事。 Why don't sb do sth 某人为什么不做某事呢?也表示建议、提议。只是第二个表达里面出现了应该接受建议的人或主体。例如: Why not go out fo...

都属于主谓宾结构,后者是前者的省略说法。如果没有sth则是主谓结构。 这是疑问句的形式,祈使句的含义

Song: Do Something Artist: Britney Spears Album: My Prerogative...Greatest Hits (2004) Lyric Editer: Baul Do you feel this I know you feel this Are You ready? I don't think so Somebody give me my truck So I can ride on the clou...

两者都表示建议,区别在于: 1. why not 后面加动词原形,构成Why not do sth.? (为何不……呢?),例如: Why not try again? 为何不再试一下? The opportunity is there. Why not seize it? 机会就在那儿,为什么不抓住它? 2. why do not 后...

A: Why don't you do your Engish homework by yourself? B: Well, I am too lazy and English is also really hard to me. A: If I were you, I would spend some time studying English and complete my English homework B: I would rather a...

意思相等,但表达的语气不同,前者有责备的语气,强调为什么不做(本应该做的),而后者表示建议或问原因,没有责备意思。 why do you not do sth 你为什么不做某事 why do not you do sth 为什么你不做某事呢?

不是。这是以反问的语气提出建议。例句 why don't you buy a watch for her ? 你为什不给她买块手表呢?(言外之意就是你可以买块手表给她)

why dont you buy something for yourself? why not buy something for yourself?

Why not why don't ou do sth. = why not do sth. 为什么不做某事 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼,快乐每一天!(*^__^*)

why not do sth = why don't you do sth why not后习惯上只接动词原形,不能接句子,也不能用“why didn’t+动词原形”“why don’t+动词原形”这样的不伦不类的句子。

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