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你问的比较模糊。when it comes to的to后面不能直接加句子,但是when...作为一个状语从句,是必须要有主句的。比如when it comes to inflation, the critical issue is to control consumer and producer prices.

意思不一样 when it comes down to:当它归结为 when it comes to: 当说到 .....的时候, 当涉及到....的时候

名次 或者 doing when it comes to [词典]当提到…; [网络]一谈到; 当涉及到...; 谈及; [例句]When it comes to photography, I'm not an adept. 要说照相,我不是内行。

I'm wishing on a star And trying to believe That even though it's far He'll find me Christmas Eve (我希望在一颗星上,并试着相信 即使它是遥不可及的,但他会在圣诞之夜看见我的存在) I guess that Santa's busy Cause he's never come a...

when it comes to 当提到…; 双语例句 1.Most people agree that Google Maps set the standard for ease of use when it comes toWeb mapping. 许多人都知道为了易于使用,Google Map针对Web地图绘制设置了标准。 2.Hees has a long relationshi...

when it comes to 当提到;就……而论 (状语) 例句: 1. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. 当巧克力摆在面前,抗拒是徒劳的。 2. Memory leaks are biggest problems when it comes to production servers. 内存泄漏是最大的...

可以。When it comes to telling lies, nobody beats me. I am looking forward to hearing from you. BTW,学英语最有效的方法是背下每个句子,而不是在乎语法。

when it refers to when we talk about as we talk about as it refers to

when it comes to ……sth./sb.指涉及到、说到……如: when it comes to work, he is useless. 说到工作,他一无是处。

歌曲名:When It Comes To You 歌手:Dire Straits 专辑:On Every Street 编辑人【野芦苇】 If we can't get along we oughtta be apart And I'm wondering where'd you get that cold cold heart Set me free sign my release I'm tired of being...

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