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turn sth into

I think that, except for my presence, he would have taken one short glance beneath our own table.

turn into 进入, (使)变成 turn to 转向, 变成, 求助于, 致力于, 开始行动


变成,把...变成turn into sth turn sth into sth turn sb into sth (通过魔法)变成;使...变成turn into sth turn sb/sth into sth 季节转变 表示等待某事发生时时间过得很缓慢days turned into weeks/months turned into years etc

turn into 进入,(使)变成 turn to 转向,变成,求助于,致力于,开始行动

turn sth into reality的中文翻译 turn sth into reality 把某物变成现实

it is turn me intosinging

turn...into...把……变成……。 其中into引导的部分做状语,表示结果。


您好! 没有这个用法 有的是turn to sb for sth 意思是向某人求助某事。 “turn”用法归类 英语中由 “turn” 构成的短语很多,常见的有: 1.turn in ①归还 ②就寝 ③将某人交给警方拘押 例1)You must turn in your equipment before you leave the ar...

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