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try to Do sth造句

try to do sth. 意为“试图做某事,尽力做某事” She tried to carry the basket. 她努力提起了这个篮子。 please try to finish this work in thirty miniutes. 请尽量在30分钟完成这项工作。 He didn”t try to do it. 他不肯努力去干

try to do sth 尽力去做某事;尽量去做某事 例句:I try to be a good people. 翻译:我努力成为一名优秀的人。

try to do 是尽力做的意思,e.g. I'll try to explain your situation to her. 我会尽量向她解释你的处境。 try doing 是尝试的意思,一般用于提建议。e.g. Try adding some sugar, and it won't taste that bitter. 加点儿糖,它就不会那么苦了

try to do sth.设法做某事,尽力做某事:He tried to finish the work ahead of time. 他设法提前完成这件工作. try doing sth.试着做某事,试验做某事: -I usually go there by train. -Why not try going by boat for a change?(MET92) --我通...

I try to be a good people. 翻译:我努力成为一名优秀的人。 解释: try to do sth 尽力去做某事;尽量去做某事 try doing sth 试着做某事; 试做某事;试图做某事;试着去做.

try to do sth. 尽力做某事 注: try 英 [traɪ] 美 [traɪ] vt. 试图,努力; 实验; 审判; 考验; n. 尝试,实验; [橄] 触球,(因触球获得的)向球门踢球的权利; [例句]He secretly tried to block her advancement in the Party

1、I am trying to finish my homework 翻译:我正努力完成我的家庭作业。 2、I try not to convince myself that she doesn't love me anymore. 翻译:我尽量不让自己相信她不再爱我了。 3、I try to be a good people. 翻译:我努力成为一名优...

区别不大。意思一样。语气上try one's best 更强些,表示尽力,try to do 表示试图做。 Do not try to impose your belief upon others. 别试图把你的信仰强加在别人头上。 In one word, we must try our best to do the job. 总而言之,我们必...

i try to study hard.

I try to finish my homework.

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