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tour guide : 导游或导游人员:带领他人进行游览的人员; tourist guide :旅游指南,导游。 选A,习惯用法

tour guide 英-[tʊə ɡaid] 美-[tʊr ɡaɪd] 释义 导游人员

tour guide 英[tuə ɡaid] 美[tʊr ɡaɪd] n. 导游或导游人员:带领他人进行游览的人员; [计][WIN] 旅行指南; [例句]I am a tour guide, and I work for a travel agency in downtown Kaohsiung. 我是一个导游,我在高雄市中心的旅...

tour guide范围较小,只是在tour得事后给你guide。而guide范围比较大。

become,a,tour,guide的中文翻译 become,a,tour,guide 成为,一个,导游

a tour guide 一名导游;一个导游;一个旅游向导 例句筛选 1. She was previously employed as a tour guide. 她此前曾是导游。 2. I would like to be a tour guide because I would be meeting new and interesting peopleall the time. 我很...

tour guide 是导游 guide 除了指导游, 还可以是学习, 工作上的导师,指导人 , 有引申意思 希望有帮助

I ever worked as a tour guide. One day I saw ∧ advertisement in the newspaper. I rang up the 1. ancompany, but I was given the job immediate . They asked me to take a tour around the city ∧ next 2. and 3. immediately 4. themor...

英文原文: become a tour guide 英式音标: [bɪˈkʌm] [ə; eɪ] [tʊə] [gaɪd] 美式音标: [bɪˈkʌm] [e] [tʊr] [ɡaɪd]

tour guide是“导游”的意思。 tour 英[tʊə(r)] 美[tʊr] n. 巡回演出; 旅行,观光; 任职期; 轮班; vt. 到…旅游; 在…巡回演出; vi. 巡回; 观光; 例句: What time is the next tour? 下一批参观什么时候开始? guide 英[gaɪd] ...

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