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The accident happened 事故发生 双语对照 例句:1.A total of eight people were working at the site when the accidenthappened thursday morning. 周四早上事故发生时共有八人在矿区工作.

1.Do you remember what was doing then? 2.Were you in the car when I called you yesterday?3.The case had happened before most of you were born. 4.The mother was shopping in the shopmarter.5.One day ,bethoven heard someone playing the piano when he was walking .

:警方正在努力查明前几天所发生的事_有道翻译翻译结果:: the police are trying to find out what had happened a few days agodays英 [dez]美 [dez]n. 天(day的复数形式);时期adv. 每天;在白天n. (Days)人名;(英)戴斯Days 工作日,多天,天数School Days 日在校园,School Days,School Days (消歧义)

The murderer case happened on a cold winter's early

happen happens 都是 vi 碰巧 偶然遇到 happening 当n. 说意思是事件,意外发生的事 v. 发生 碰巧 下面再让你看个例句吧.也许对你有帮助!(of an event) come to pass (in time, so that it is real and actual at some time)"What is happening?"

No one knew when the murder happened .

comparedto/withthiscase, comparisonwiththiscase,recenttheftandrobbarycasesarenotworthyofbeingmentioned.不值得一提"还可以说"notworthytobementioned

The criminal will be charged with kidnapping.

bule 的All rise 吗 all rise 全体肃立 yo, yo yo, yo your honour please 法官大人 gotta believe what i say (say) 请您务必相信我的话 what I will tell (tell) 我一一细数 happened just the other day (day) 过去发生的一切 I must confess (confess) | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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