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你好!a the body of sth 的身体…

the body of sth 某物的身体 the body of sth 某物的身体

i am busy with doing my homework

Headline: the title of a mewspaperprinted in large letters,especially at the top of the front page. body: the main part of sth.,especially a book,an article. lead: to have sth as a result.

the body 英 [ bdi] 美 [i bdi] 词典 躯壳

我个人让为 a body of opinion 是一个完整的短语,它是个比喻的意思.意思应该是:全面的 整句话的意思是:持不同意见的人有其合理的观点.

她一个人住,但她并不孤单She lives alone,but she doesn't feel lonely.例如做某事 for example to do sth.而且,还 but also事实上 in fact跳过沙漠 skip the desert在它身体前面的袋子里in the front of its body bag在它的背上 on its back

the body[英][ bdi][美][i bdi]躯壳双语例句1.They found the body buried beneath a pile of leaves.他们发现尸体被埋在一堆树叶下面.2.The eye is one of the most delicate organs of the body.眼睛是人体最娇贵的器官之一.3.Any

1, Influence of your body2, To someone complain3 Strict requirements for sb4 In strict requirements on STH5 In someone's help/with someone's help6 I must do something

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