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tAkE thE plAnE to 与 By plAnE的区别

take a/the plane是动词短语,可做谓语 by plane是介词短语,不可做谓语 如:He often goes to Beijing by plane. He often takes a plane to Beijing .

by plane 和 take a plane 都是乘飞机,意思上没什么区别。 只是 take a pane 强调动作,by plane 则是方式。 by plane 1. She left by plane for Berlin. 她乘飞机去柏林了。 2. Are you going out by plane or by ship? 你是搭飞机还是乘船出...

by plane是乘飞机的意思,意思一样的表达还有by air, by airplane, take the flight等。 by plane 是by +交通工具,表示出行方式,乘•••;类似的表达还有by bus(乘公共汽车), by train(乘火车), by car(乘小汽车)•&#...

1.这是关于坐飞机的议论文。 Traveling by Plane Nowadays, people prefer to travel by air.This is because air travel has some advantages.First of all, airplane, the miracle created by man, is the fastest means of transport.It take...

因为 go 可以单独使用(不及物动词)。此句中没有 go 去的地点状语或者其它动作,不必使用 to。by plane 是 go 的方式。

by a plane是由一个平面 by plane 是乘飞机

选B.如果选by应该说by plane.没有the

小题1:A 小题2:B 小题3:B 小题4:A 小题1:根据Planes are fast but……可知人们认为飞机快,故选A。小题2:根据I know it takes a little more time.可知选B。小题3:根据Also you can carry many things with you in a car. 这句可知选B。小题4:根...

will you fly to Beijing?

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