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support on sth

support sb with sth 是 在某方面支持某人support 是及物动词可以直接接 人或者物 support sb/sth

in support有下列搭配: support sb in (doing)sth 支持某人做某事 support doing sth 支持做谋事 support sth with sth 用````支撑着```` be supportted by sth 由`````支撑着 support oneself 自谋生计 in support of 支持·····

Congratulations to sb on sth 为某事向某人表示祝贺 Good luck to sb for sth. 祝某人某方面好运.


agree with, agree to,意思是一样的,可是用法不同,他们都是同意某件事或某个人的意见的意思。 1 agree with,的用法是这样的:agree with+doing something或者+somebody 例句:I ageree with going to swim tomorrow.(我同意明天去游泳.) I agr...

congratulate sb. on sth. 为某事向某人祝贺 congratulate sb. on/upon sth. 为某事向某人祝贺 congratulate sb. upon sth. 为某事向某人祝贺

spend some money on sth.是直接接名词。如I ofen spend some money on English books.(我经常在英语书上花钱) spend some money in doing sth.是接动作。如I ofen spend some money in buying English books.(我经常花钱买英语书)

Congratulation to sb是名词性的,意思是对某人的祝贺 Congratulate sb on Sth是对某件事情祝贺某人(第二个是congratulate不是congratulation) 有疑问请追问,满意请采纳哦谢谢

答:in sth

① decide可以及物,也可不及物。 decide on是一个固定搭配。decide on和decide的区别在于: * decide on = To choose something or someone after deliberation; to make a judgment about some aspect of someone or something. -- 这个是对人...

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