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歌曲名:Six Feet Under歌手:marion raven专辑:Here I AmMarion Raven - Six Feet UnderAlbum: Here I AmSix feet under, under my skinThere's a battle I know I can't winYou invade me and I surrenderYeahThat's what I hate about youThere is

歌曲e69da5e887aae799bee5baa6e79fa5e9819331333332633035名:Six Feet Under 歌手:Backstreet Law 专辑:Special Delivery Marion Raven - Six Feet Under Album: Here I Am Six feet under, under my skin There's a battle I know I can't

歌曲名:Six Feet Under The Stars歌手:All Time Low专辑:So Wrong, It's RightAll Time Low - Six Feet Under The Starsby鲍鱼Time to lay claim to the evidenceFingerprints sell me outBut our footprints washed awayFrom the docks downtownIt's

沼泽 (Six Feet Under) 演唱:VIXX'cause you got me going crazy 外 米亲 卡死米 闹 剖够 对嫩几 呢拍 吧进 高 嘎他 草早 那了 走要 哇 Hey Psst 怒呢 带 草新 差聊吧 洗干 奥扫 桑脏 报扫那 get out now oh 都忙桥 Six feet under that's enough 可鸟

歌曲名:6 Feet Under歌手:ana johnsson专辑:the way i amAna Johnsson - 6 Feet UnderAlbum: The Way I AmYou just left me 6 feet under ground I'm burningAt the sight of the light I'm down here 6 feet under buried lifeWith one open eyeEvery

歌曲名:Decapitate歌手:six feet under专辑:Unborn群66032164:NaNaNaPerversion, the sickness, it growsblisters they fester on skin nowrotten, your genitals now bloatpus seeps from holes poked through dead fleshDecapitate the dead

歌曲名:TNT歌手:six feet under专辑:Graveyard ClassicsT.N.T.AC/DCOi (15 times)See me ride out of that sunsetOn your color TV screenOut for all that I can getIf you know what I meanWomen to the left of meAnd women to the rightAin't got no

Help I lost myself again 别这么走,让我迷失在乱流 But I remember you 我依然记得牵你的手 Don't come back it won't end well 别再回头,让我的爱覆水难收 But I wish you'd tell me to 我只愿依在你的胸口,听你诉说 Our love is six feet under 我们

歌曲名:Prophecy歌手:six feet under专辑:Unborn群66032164:NaNaNaYou think it's all about you butMy terror will explode soonThis horror that is now trueThis black prophecy of doomI'm never gonna to let them kill usI'm never gonna to give

歌曲名:Fragment歌手:six feet under专辑:Unborn群66032164:NaNaNaYou're split in half, twisted stiff,and broken dead, now broken deadYou took my life and caused death,though I still live, a fragment ofMy former self, this rotten corpse- a

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