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回答和翻译如下: l share my holiday pictures on my moments. 我此刻享受了我度假的照片。

some people like to record their life by sharing pictures and other information on social networking sites. others keep this information to themselves and ...

you can share your pics 你可以分享你的照片 you can share your pics 你可以分享你的照片

share to picsart 全部释义和例句>>分享到picsart share 英[ʃeə(r)] 美[ʃer] n. 股; (参与、得到等的) 份; (分享到的或贡献出的) 一份; 市场占有率; vt. 共用; 共有; 均摊; vt. 分配; 分开; 共同承担;


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