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own ACCorD

【of one's own accord】 主动地,自愿地 without being asked or forced; voluntarily 【双语例句】 He came back of his own accord. 他主动回来了。 He decided to let him alone until he stopped of his own accord. 他决定不去管他,等他自...

有道词典的翻译是:自动地;自愿地;自然而然。例句是:Yet the company chose to close it of its own accord.然而公司还是自动就把网站关闭了。就是一个固定搭配的用法。

1)volunteered to do sth. 例:She volunteered to teach in the school. 她自愿在学校教书。 2)of on's own accord 例:On her mother's birthday...

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