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owing to造句

是短语啊.becuase of/ thanks to/ due to/ owing to +词/短语由于, 因之缘故.

owing to, due to, on account of均为复杂介词,后接词、词组、动名词等作宾语;只有连词如because,as等表原因的才加句子.

1. I prefer to see animals living in their natural state. 我宁愿看处于野生状态的动物.2. He chose Germany, but personally I'd prefer to go to Spain. 他选择了德国,而我个人倒更喜欢西班牙.3. I prefer to see animals in their natural habitat, rather

这两个介词短语后跟名词、代词、动名词、疑问词+不定式、宾语从句.Due / Owing to the weather, the flight has been cancelled.His getting angry is due / owing to what you said.Due / Owing to your hurting her, she refuses to see you.

意思是:指的是….例如:According to the passage in paragraph 2, the author's meaning refers to…(通过上文第二段,可以知道作者的意思是指…)

refer to1. 提到, 谈论 Don't refer to this matter again, please. 请别再提这件事.

第一句有语法错误,没有谓语一、“复合介词owing to +宾语”作“由于……”解,表示原因:Owing to their carelessness 在句子中做表语. 正确的表达应该为 The fire is owing to their carelessness

I planned to go to the park this morning, but the rain has already broken it.

在标准英语里,due to只能用以引导形容词短语,不可引导副词短语.例如:Our delay was due to heavy due to: 由于 例句与用法: 1. The failure of the scheme was due to bad management. 计划的失败是由于管理不善. 2. He

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