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out oF work造句

坏了:My cell phone seems be out of work.例如out of work 是某物不工作了

work out v.可以解决, 设计出, 作出, 计算出, 消耗完 例句:I believe that you can work out this problem by yourself.我相信你自己能做出这道题的.I work out regulary to keep fit.我经常努力锻炼身体以保持健康.What does your share of the bonus work out at?算出你应得的红利是多少?

out of breath 上气不接下气; out of balance 失去平衡; out of stock 脱销; out of date 过时; out of patience 不耐烦; out of control 失去控制; out of business破产; out of style过时,不时髦 out of work 失珐弧粹旧诔搅达些惮氓业; out of the ordinary 不寻常的; out of touch 失去联系; out of question 毫无疑问 I think we're out of the woods at last.我想我们摆脱了危险的处境.

out of work [英][aut v w:k][美][at v wk] 失业; 例句:1.Holiday gatherings can be anything but festive for people who are out of work. 对于失业的人来说,节假日聚会根本不是什么快乐的场合.2.Millions have been thrown out of work. 已经

I was out of work at the time那时我失业了.They ran out of fuel. 他们的燃料用完了.

work out : 做出,设计,可以解决,计算出,消耗掉等 不断制造负面的是老板们,而那些专注创造正面的被视为真正的领导者

1.He's been out of work after his company made a big loss.2.As a matter of fact,I like that book.3.He likes to attack his opponents with strong languages.4.My brother is in trouble,as his business is

He is out of money 他没钱了 I help you out of sympathy 我出于同情帮助你 Don't look out of the window 别往窗外看

take out of: 短语动词指摆脱,脱离:eg.I want to take out of the home work;还有take out of 而言,从里取;出所要取出的东西;也可以理解为 take sth out of ;eg.He took a book out of his bag.

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