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每个人都沉浸在欢声笑语中 Everyone is immersed in laughter

沉浸在节日的气氛中 Immersed in a festival atmosphere 这座城市沉浸在节日的气氛中。 The city wasbathed in a festive atmosphere.

Bliss - Mariah Carey Touch Me Baby It feels so amazing (yeah) As you serenade me And you make me want you More and more What do I do ...

In the world of people immersed in the busy work, 我是小新医生 | 发布于2 小时前 评论 以我的人格In my personality 热心网友| 发布于2 小时前 评...

我还沉浸在其中 I'm still immersed in it 我还沉浸在其中 I'm still immersed in it

你好很高兴回答你的问题 我还沉浸在昨天的悲伤之中 I still immersed in yesterday's sadness 望采纳谢谢

by+动词ing形式表示通过某种方式,be immersed in ...意为“沉浸于……”

完全沉浸在学习中 Completely immersed in study 望采纳,谢谢

现在只沉浸在作业中(英语怎么写)Get lost in homework.... I am absorbed in (doing)my homework. be absorbed...Now immersed in the work 评论 | 0 0 英语...

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