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go on a trip的意思是:去旅行 trip 读法 英 [trp] 美 [trp] 1、n.(尤指短程往返的)旅行,旅游,出行;(服用毒品后所产生的)幻觉,迷幻感受;绊;绊倒2、v.绊;绊倒;将…绊倒;使跌倒;脚步轻快地走(或跑、跳舞) 短语:1、make a

go for a trip和go on a trip的区别是:读音不同、含义不同、用法不同.一、读音不同1.go for a trip 读音:英 [ f(r) trp] 美 [o fr trp] 2.go on a trip 读音:英 [ n trp] 美 [o n trp] 二、含义不同1.go for a

区别是 go on a trip to 表示旅行还没开始,打算去旅行.be on a trip to 表示旅行已经开始了,正在旅行中.例句:go on a trip to1、May I go on a trip to Beijing? 我可以去北京旅行吗?2、Why don't we go on a trip to the Sun Island? 我们为什么


不对 go on 是一个固定短语,后面可以加with然后直接加名词,或者是go on doing sth

go on a trip to canadai've never left china--not even for a trip to canada or mexico. i have learned about canada is the second largest country after russian federation in the locates in the northern hemisphere and it has a famouse neighbour

Is he sure (to go) on the trip?注:be sure to do sth 固定用法“确信做某事'加油!不明白再问!如果帮到你,请采纳,谢谢!

go on a trip 为词组,旅行,作谓语;主语是I.

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