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go For sth

go for...是固定搭配 意思就是去做什么,很好理解

去找; 努力获取; 被认为; 主张; 拥护; 攻击

1.为...而去 go for a walk 2.去请 go for a doctor 3.袭击,抨击 The presidential candidates went for each other in the papers. 4.努力获得 go for an MBA 5.起...程度的作用 She was pretty and that went for something. 6.对...适用 What...


两者不同的地方在于要强调的点不同. 虽然中文翻译意思都一样,但是get sth强调结果,所以可以理解为“有目地获得某事/某物”,go for sth强调动作,可以理解为”有目的地去获得某事/某物“。 由于中英文思维方式的差异,有时候我们翻译过来时中文意...

这里的for lunch是一个意思 都表目的 不过前句是状语 后句也可以看做定语

歌名:something just like this 演唱:Chris Martin 词:Andrew Taggart,Chris Martin 曲:Andrew Taggart,Chris Martin,Guy Berryman,Jonny Buckland ,Will Champion I've been reading books of old 我遍读旧籍 The legends and the myt...

Unit 1 How do you study for a test? 1 not at all =not in the slightest 根本不 2 end up 结束 3 make mistakes in sth 在某方面出错 4 later on 随后 5 be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事 be afraid of sth/sb 害怕…… 6 laugh at sb 嘲笑某人 ...

When are you going to do sth.?可以用In加一段时间 回答 I‘m going to go sw., for sometime本句for sometime是目的状语 不是时间状语 如I‘m going to go to beijing for three days.我将去北京住三天。

应该是 go. for sth

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