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歌名:《If I Ruled the World》,歌手:Big Time Rush,我想这应该是你要找的,希望对你有所帮助、

give it all you've got翻译为:“给它你所有的东西”


歌曲名:Give It All歌手:GB5专辑:Top 25 Gospel Songs 2012 EditionGive it allArtist: Rise AgainstCreated By KitenBreak through the undertow,your hands I can't seem to find,pollution burns my tongue,cough words I can't speak so Istop my

歌曲名:Give It All歌手:RATT专辑:Invasion Of Your PrivacyTaken away on a ride not far from hereWell no wastin' time, she's got plans for meShe came behind and then showed me her thighsYou know what I meanWell no way to say she could

However, He isn't beside me..然而,他不在我的身边I don't understand in his heart,so what am I?我不懂在他的心中我是什么样的He didn't understand me, He didn't know what I want..他不了解我,不知道我想要什么I just want to be with him,

两条错位的感情线,即使付出所有也留不住的爱,且放他远去吧.歌曲是柔软幽怨的,Adele略微沙哑的声音演绎经历之后的无奈与伤感显得那么贴切,单曲循环触动泪腺.Adele - Take It All 全部带走 Didn't I give it all?难道我还没付出所有?


Give it all 一无所有 Artist: Rise Against 歌手:雷霆乐队 Created By Kiten 词曲:Kiten Break through the undertow, 打破低层的逆流 your hands I can't seem to find, 找不到你的双手 pollution burns my tongue, 污染烧烤着我的舌头 cough words I

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