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翻译如下 get down 下来;吞下;弯下;写下 例句 She got down on her hands and knees on the floor 她双手撑地跪在地上.

get down to doing 固定短语 ,to 为介词,后跟名词或者动词ing 类似的还有 look forward to doing等等

春风得意/ 我选择我喜欢

get down 1. 吞下 she couldn't get the medicine down. 那药她吞不下去. 2. 记录 please get down what he says. 请把他的话记下. 3. 使沮丧 the continual wet weather is getting me down. 持续的潮湿天气使我沮丧.


Get one's own back on sb. [口](向某人)报复,复仇

get (have)one's own way 是固定词组,一意孤行,为所欲为.

英语的My life is my life get your own 中文是我的生活是我的生活,让你自己的

get one's own way 为所欲为

get one's own back on 【翻译】向某人报仇,报复…… 【例句】I would pay him back for his treacheries. 对他的背信弃义我要报复.【扩展】get one's own back on someone 报复, 回报, 反击 get one's back up 惹恼某人 get off one's back 不要再烦扰某人 get one's own back 报仇,报仇,和…算帐 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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