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Change myself 改变自己; 改变我自己 I think I should change myself, In order to my further and you. 我想我应该改变我自己,为了我的未来和你们。

【英文】change myself 【汉语】改变自己;改变我自己;改变自我。 【例句】 I have good adaptability. I am willing to change myself to make me better. 我有适应性, 我愿意改变自己,让自己变得更美好. I can only change myself, nobody el...

改变自己 自我改变

Change the World , Change Myself To some extent , young people always play the role of the group which represent the future of the society. At the same time , young people are always regarded as a disadvantaged group . In peace...


tring to change myself 尝试着改变我自己

i will change myself 我会改变自己 双语例句 1 Now, I will change myself totally! 现在我将改变我自己! I will change myself, develop good study and living habits, get rid of myflaws, and try to offset my weakness with my strength...


i'll change myself for you. 我会为你而改变。 我会为你改变自己。

Two years ago, I was a bad child, I didn’t listen to what my parents told me, I do against what they expect me to do. One day, I go home very late, my mother is very angry, but she says nothing. At first, I feel happy, the next...

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