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ChAngE mysElF是什么意思

【英文】change myself 【汉语】改变自己;改变我自己;改变自我。 【例句】 I have good adaptability. I am willing to change myself to make me better. 我有适应性, 我愿意改变自己,让自己变得更美好. I can only change myself, nobody el...

都是改变自己。但是yourself一般是对别人说的 另一个是形容自己的 changing表示正在改变

tring to change myself 尝试着改变我自己

i will change myself 我会改变自己 双语例句 1 Now, I will change myself totally! 现在我将改变我自己! I will change myself, develop good study and living habits, get rid of myflaws, and try to offset my weakness with my strength...


我要改变自己 myself

lwontchangemyselfforwholam 我不会改变最初的自己。 我不会改变我自己。

Two years ago, I was a bad child, I didn’t listen to what my parents told me, I do against what they expect me to do. One day, I go home very late, my mother is very angry, but she says nothing. At first, I feel happy, the next...


i want to change myself,let myself be confident. 我想改变自己,让自己变得自信。

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