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succeed in doing sth 在某方面成功(某次) be successful in doing sth 在某方面是成功的


be succeeded 是主系表的用法 succeeded过去分词表示已经成功的状态 下面是网上找的答案 succeed in + doing sth = 成功做成某事 succeed to ...: 继承(王位等) succeed sb: 继承 succeed with sth:在某方面获得成功 succeed,success,successfu...

manage to do 望采纳,祝你学习进步

只有:succeed in doing 成功的做某事 succeed by doing 通过做.而成功 Some people will succeed in their efforts to stop smoking... 一些人经过努力可以成功戒烟. If they can succeed in America and Europe, then they can succeed here t...

success 是名词, have a success in doing sth 必须前面有谓语动词,不然不能使用 succeed in doing sth 就是个谓语结构 he succeed in getting a good grade

succeed 英 [sək'siːd] 美 [sək'siːd] v.成功;继承;接着发生 例句 用作动词 (v.) If you work hard you will succeed. 如果你努力工作,你就会成功。 We succeeded in repairing the engine. 我们成功地修好了发动机。 词...

英语中,没有have a succeed in doing sth这个结构,因为succeed是个动词,而不作名词用。 要表达“成功做某事”,应该用"succeed in doing sth"或者“have a success in doing sth"。例如: 你已成功通过考试了吗? Have you succeeded in passing...

succeed in doing sth 成功做某事 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 成功做某事 2. 成功做... 3. 成功地做了某事 4. 成功的做了某事 5. 成功地做成某事 例句: 1. In doing something you love! 去做你热衷的事来获得成就感!

success n.成功 Hard work leads to success./He is a success./The party is a big success. succeed v.成功 They succeeded in swimming across the river. successful adj.成功的 This is a successful meeting. successfully adv.成功地 Tom...

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