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be good at 意思是“擅长于……”,后跟名词、代词或动词ing形式.be 随着人称和时态的变化而变化.如:1. He is good at English . 他擅长英语.2. She is good at singing . 她擅长唱歌.3. They are good at playing basketball . 他们擅长打篮球.4. Jim was good at drawing when he was ten years old. 吉姆十岁时擅长画画.5. Lily's favourite subject is maths and she is good at it .李利最喜欢的科目是数学,她很擅长它.

你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下:be good at 英 [bi: ud t] 美 [bi d t] v.擅长; 健; 精通; 熟谙 希望我的回答对你有帮助,满意请采纳.

be good at [英][bi: ud t][美][bi d t] v.擅长; 健; 精通; 熟谙; 例句:1.Be good at making our unpleasant formatting. 善于把我们的不愉快格式化.2.But the girls who didn't buy into that stereotype, who thought, of course I can be goodat math, didn't tumble into an achievement gulf. 但是对于那些没有认同这一思维定势的女生来说,她们会认为我当然可以学好数学,因而并不会跌入深渊.

be good at 意思是擅长干某事注意be good at后面的动词要用现在分词形式,即ing1,I am good at playing soccer.我在踢足球方面很擅长.2,He is good at swimming.他很擅长游泳.3,My mother is good at cooking.我妈妈擅长烹调.4,She is good at singing,she is a good singer.她唱歌很好,是一位很棒的歌唱家.5,My brother is good at learning.我哥哥学习很好.祝天天向上!

be good at / be good with / be good to / be good for be good 后接不同的介词,表达的意思也不同. 1)be good at 意为“擅长……”,后接名词、代词或ving形式.例如: I'm good at playing chess. 我擅长下象棋. 2)be good with意为“灵巧的

应该是be well in. 意思都是擅长做某事 be good at /be well in doing sth

be good at do well in

be good at.


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