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I spend one hour on my homework

I usually spend my time on writting songs.I spend time (in) doing exercise.I spend time.

1.我每天花半个小时听音乐.(spend)I spend half an hour listening to music every day.(take)It takes me half an hour to listen to music every day.他每天花费两个小时写作业.

how much do you spend on this bike?where do you usually spend your weekend?

spend on sth. spend in doing sth.

i spent 100 dollars on the bike 我花一百元买了这自行车

a)To wear out; exhaust:疲倦;精疲力尽:The storm finally spent itself.风暴最后平息了.b)To pass (time) in a specified manner or place:度过,消磨:以一种特定的方式或在某个特定地方度过(时间):spent their vacation in Paris.在巴黎度过他们的假期

复数:spends第三人称单数:spends过去式:spent过去分词:spent现在分词:spending1. Earn before you spend .花钱之前必须先赚钱.2. He spent a white night.他度过了一个不眠之夜.3. I have spent many a summer in my aunt's home.我在姑妈家度过了许多个夏天.

1.She spends too much money on clothes. 2.He maintatained that the performance was a splendid one. 3.It's a space for the car to park. 这里有个空间可以停车. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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