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Good morning.早上好.Good afternoon.下午好.Good evening.晚上好.Goodbye.再见.这不是造句而是告诉你们,这四个英语都是用Good写的.

for good: 一劳永逸地永久地Leave my company, for good.你永远离开我的公司. happy i am/how happily the girls sing.我真高兴/这些女孩子唱的真开心2.what a beautiful girl she is.她是多么漂亮的女孩子啊.3.thank you for helping us.谢谢你帮助我们 do i.我也是5.i wish i could speak english better and better.我希望我的英语越学越好.

亲,是for a good price造句:I'm looking for quality, not only for a good price.我在找质量,而不是只为一个好价钱.

Vegetables are good for your health.蔬菜对你的健康有益.This light is good for your eyes.这个灯对你的眼睛有好处.Practice is good for your study.练习对你的学习有好处.Drinking much wather is good for you


doing exercise is good for your body eating vegetables are good for health good habits are good for health

You are a good student.你是一个好学生.Your study is very good.你学习很好.It is a good day.天气很好.

Vegetebles is good for our health 蔬菜对我们的健康有好处

be good at 意思是擅长干某事注意be good at后面的动词要用现在分词形式,即ing1,I am good at playing soccer.我在踢足球方面很擅长.2,He is good at swimming.他很擅长游泳.3,My mother is good at cooking.我妈妈擅长烹调.4,She is good at singing,she is a good singer.她唱歌很好,是一位很棒的歌唱家.5,My brother is good at learning.我哥哥学习很好.祝天天向上! | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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