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The shipmment schedule of this bill as follw:At first we booked the flight in transit. Plan to depart on 23. Aug. and arrive in Londn on 26. Aug.,but finally we booked the non-stp flight from Shanghai to London on 26. Aug., so arrive time will be the same

We will have to agree if you insisti on carrying your plan.

亲爱的朋友你好:谢谢你观看这个项目,如果你要10个,每套70美金.谢谢!My dear friends,Good day to you!Thanks a lot for your visiting our project.If you would like to purchase ten pieces(sets,---), then price is USD70/each piece.Thank you!

Today, the sky is very clear and blue, but the sun is too glare.翻译过来就是,今天天空很干净,蔚蓝,但是太阳太刺眼,这样应该更符合你想表达的意思.

According to aquirements of the program,all re-work products have to be documented in a special form,the details including re-work time, product mode,re-work reason,and amount to be reworked.By doing so, the re-work can be done under the

the teardrops of the moon turn into the stars which scatterd in the sky of lonely autumn nights

Hello, my dear friend: Thank you for watching this program. If you order 10, you need to add 70 dollars post fee per set.

J.Do you remember when I came with you ? J,Do you know the time when we have known can be calculated by year? How large the world,it isn't easy for us to meet.Thank God,let me meet you among so many many people!

not in the least ad. 一点也不(丝毫不)整句话意思是:如果你买我的书,我一点也不失望.

这样营运一条铁路是不成的run a railroad--这里是营运的意思如果是“造铁路”,是 build a railroad如果是“跑过一条铁路”,是 run across a railroad

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