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一首英文歌歌词是 i will By your siDE till i DiE 还有you sAy ...

【Love Paradise-陈慧琳】 曲:陈光荣 词:Poman Lo 编:陈光荣 词 You re always on my mind All day just all the time You re everything to me Brightest star to let me see You touch me in my dreams We kiss in every scene I pray to be with you

我觉得应该是 lene marlin的a place nearby

Morning - 卫兰When I hear the birds start singingI wanna see youHoo, hoo, do do do doWhen I see the leaves start fallin'I wanna see youThe only thing I'll doDon't you knowIs to rush and run to youWhen I hear the clock start tickingI start to miss

dream you to life

歌名:Thinking Out Loud 歌手:Ed Sheeran 所属专辑:Brit Awards 2015 发行时间:2015-02-16 发行公司: Warner Music UK 歌词:When your legs don't work like they used to before 当你的双腿不似从前活动自如 And I can't sweep

losing the love应该是这首歌吧 歌词: There are days when I regret it The things I said to you I put my trust in no one It broke my heart and I blamed it on you You were kind and oh so gentle But I refused to see That someone like you existed I was

歌名: i need you (by my side) 歌手:devotion 专辑:image of devotion 歌词:The very thought of you, leaving my lifeBroke me down in tearsI took for granted all the love that you gave to meI know that's what i fearedDon't go awayEvery heart

歌曲 big girls don't cry 歌手fergieda da da da the smell of your skin lingers on me now you're probably on your flight back to your hometown i need some shelter of my own protection baby be with myself in center, clarity, peace, serenity i hope you

肯定是 Katie Melua Nine Million Bicycles

呵呵,这是陈慧林的love paradies.好听的歌,可是这句歌词应该是i'll love you till i die 你弄错了,直白点翻译么,就是我爱你直到我死,艺术点呢,就是执子之手,与子偕老

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