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英文原文: my mood is very terrible. 英式音标: [maɪ] [muːd] [ɪz] [ˈverɪ] [ˈterɪb(ə)l] . 美式音标: [maɪ] [mud] [ɪz] [ˈvɛri] [ˈtɛrəbl] .

I feel terrible. 我觉得糟透了。

I was in the bad mood.

糟糕的心情糟糕的一切英文 All bad mood bad English

个人认为 terrible 一般用来形容事物的比较多 心情比较适合用bad

I do not know how to describe my feelings right now,everything is going bad.

当心情不好非常糟糕时,怎么办? 一般人所说的心情,实际上是指一个人的情绪,情感状况。情绪和情感是由客观事物是否符合人的需要产生的,是人对客观事物与人需要之间的关系。譬如能满足人的需要或符合人的意愿的事物则会引起喜悦、快乐、下等肯...

there is a poverb which goes like : a friend in need is a firend indeed. when a friend of yours gets into trouble, what you are supposed to do is to comfort him or her and most importantly to offer some advice to get him or her...

u can imagine what a mood i was in to have said so many terrible things. indeed it resulted from his undue attitude towards me which i have never seen. he kept lying all the time as a super hypocritical person. and the only goa...

The next day, my father and I go to the waterfall, it suddenly rained heavily, we have no umbrella, I'm in a bad mood

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