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I am in a bad mood now.

I'm in a very bad mood. 满意请采纳,谢谢!

心情好糟糕 英文翻译_ Good bad mood

A bad day. 例句 There's something about comfort food that makes a bad day feel all better.有一些安慰食物可以让你在糟糕的一天恢复好心情。

天知道我此时的心情有多糟糕 God knows how bad my mood at this time

今天的天气很好我的心情很糟糕为什么很糟糕 The weather is good today. I'm in a bad mood. Why is it bad?

我的心情糟糕透了,我无法用语言表达此时此刻的心情。 My mood was terrible, and I couldn't express my feelings at the moment.

I do not know how to describe my feelings right now,everything is going bad.

呵呵 我觉得最重要的是要学会自我调节.生活之中不如意事之多不可预知,有一些是人力不可为的.一个人的心情对一个人的健康是有密切关系的.积极向上的心态是一个人健康生活所必需的.时间会使你成熟.自信对一个人是重要的,适当的正确的选择是必要的,...

there is a poverb which goes like : a friend in need is a firend indeed. when a friend of yours gets into trouble, what you are supposed to do is to comfort him or her and most importantly to offer some advice to get him or her...

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