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下班 英文

‘他5点下班’= He finishes work at 5 (较正式)He gets off work at 5 (口语)He knocks off at 5 (俚语,可以跟朋友熟人用) ‘他下班了’= He has finished (work) for the day (很正式) He's off work (口语, 's' 是‘is'的所称)He's (has...

上班: to go to work; to report for duty; to be at work; to be on duty; to be on the job 下班: to get off duty; to come off work; to go off duty; to be released from duty 注意:如果你强调在班上,或者不在上班的状态可以用 be on/of...

I am off work 我下班了

knock off (What time do you knock off?你什么时候下班?) be off duty (She is off duty now.她已经下班了。) after work (Let's go to the cinema together after work.下班后我们一块去看电影。)

上班 go to work; start work; be on duty: 上午八点钟上班 start workat eight in the morning 他上班去了。 He's goneto work. 不上班的时候我可以做自己的事了。 When offduty I can do my private work. 下班 come or go off work; be off d...

Are you off now? Have you been off? off后面加个duty也可以,但是不加是绝对没有问题而且最自然的。

I am taking off. 或是 I am leaving.

Did you get off work? Are you return from work? Are you off duty?

Waiting to come off duty 等下班 come off duty下班 如: When do you come off duty?; 你什么时候下班? 希望能帮到你 望采纳 谢谢

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