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谁能帮我翻译一下下面这段英文谢谢 I still lovE you Almost sAy


The east, to the seventh, perhaps right away that day we cannot be together, but I know, we will be in the heart thought the other silently. The husband, we together is less than half a year, time is short, but let's feeling a bit deep to not? I believe, we

Sorry The person I used to care the most Sorry The person I hurted the deepest I didn't do it on purpose, really. I turned into a good person, seriously. Can you forgive me? I hope you can still stay by my side

love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you. 我爱你,不是因为你是一个怎样的人,而是因为我喜欢与你在一起时的感觉. 不需要看懂你,只要明白自己就行. 你是谁不重要,重要的是我是谁!

dear t.t, 亲爱的t,t i must say that after all those times we've been apart you're still the one i'm longing for. 我不得不承认,在我们分开的这段时间里,你依然是我的唯一(long for是渴望的意思 我把它改译了一下) you see, life has never been the

i entered the room.我走进房间. sat by ur bed all through the night.整夜坐在你床边. i watched ur daily fight.我看着你日渐消瘦. i hardly knew.我仅仅知道. the pain was almost more than i could bear.那样的痛苦我所难以承受的. and still i hear.

我不要您放弃什么我是, I您每天好愉快,不管,因为在小叮咬以后,和不要让usmuch破坏在龃龉,后悔说,因为是真实爱,爱您,但是我能not…,但是我将包含您的心脏的这终身!

In fact, I would like to tell you I love you, but every time you say mouth say I was joking I really do not know that you are always spread the word to me suddenly into the suddenly far do not always know what is in your heart in the end I know I Peibu Qi

dong, the chinese valentine's day is coming. we may not be together on that day, but i know that we will certainly think of each other silently in our hearts. honey, we have come together for less than half a year. short is the time, but deep is our love,

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