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The happiest thing is I met the most beautiful moment I met you, even if we end up not together, thank God you appeared in my life, so I know the world as a hot not let meno turning back, even with the worldwide enemy expense.我是一字一字对着的翻译的,不会错,望采纳,

1.I'm sorry I can't go to your house 2.These days I have no time, because I want to learn at home. 3.Please forgive me for not coming! 4.You can invite me to the party and I am very happy

Summarized the characters and species of polyurethane adhesive. Sketched out the progress of polyurethane adhesive research developing and applying of dom


This drama by the old play bone Kou Shixun to new generation actor Lan Xileans the sentiment deduction. Kou Shixun starred in the play is a famousShanghai Bund gang boss dragon Pu, politely deal with pirates. But Lan Xiin the play is more out

Last Sunday afternoon in the thieves have stolen my cell phone and I was just off the train and bus station to prepare to ride the bus back to school, I came to the bus stop startled, a sea of people, I know, they and I are the same car, bus, so I try my

Some people may find that after graduation, Dr. work now, but now you find a good job is not always work, most of it is just a temporary break a leg, most likely within a few yearsBack to the starting point, had to return to the talent market rush! Unless

楼上都是机器翻译的,我自个写的,英语专业班底出身,靠谱!选我吧!希望可以帮到你.How are you? I miss you so much!Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner but I can't

40% of the students support to stay at home, because of less expensive, comfortable, convenient, can help the parents to do the housework, but do not know the outside world. but 60% of the students are also support for travel, because it can

Along with the social economy development and people's living level unceasing enhancement, the people's food consumption idea gradually change, dine out more hasten is regularly and rationalisations, selective enhancement of consumption

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