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I will have a math class on Monday.

He'll arrive on Monday.他将于星期一到达。 Next Monday will be my 21st birthday.下星期一是我二十一岁的生日。 The store took stock on Monday.那家商店每逢星期一进行盘点。 The ship will start its maiden voyage next Monday.这艘船将...

I will go to Hongkong next Monday. He told me he would go to Hongkong the next Monday. next Monday表示,现在说起的下个周一, 而,the next Monday表示,说话的时候,故事发生的那个时候的下个周一。


I traveled to USA on last sunday and Monday and stayed airport for a short time

Last Monday I had a good time.last Monday I didn't have classeslast Monday I quarelles with my deskmatelast Monday I went to the park last Monday I was unhappylast Monday I climbed mountainlast Monday I helped my classmate who ...

I'll read my books on Monday. 我星期一读书。 On Monday I'll go swimming. 星期一我要去游泳。

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