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Best day, ever! 这是我认为很棒的一句话。 其他台词在下面。 we've found it.找到了。the magic of the goiden flouen ,healed the queen.金色魔花治好了王后的玻A healthy baby girl,a princess was born.我们也迎来了为健康的小公主。with be...

有些人值得我融化。 Some people are worth melting for. 你不能嫁给你刚认识的人。 You can not marry the man you just met. 我会在这里。 I will be right here. 你想堆个雪人吗? do you want to build a snow man. 不要害怕你的怪物。 don'...

这是一个讲述我死亡的故事 This is the story of how I died. 别紧张 其实这是个很有趣的故事 Don't worry, this is actually a very fun story. 更确切地说 我并不是主角 And the truth is, it isn't even mine. 小偷 福林·莱德 通缉 主角是一...

Gothel: Oh, I love you very much, dear. Rapunzel: I love you more. Gothel: I love you most. Eugene: You were my new dream. Rapunzel: And you were mine.

Love is an open door. —爱是一扇打开的门。

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