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1.这种疾病常以发高烧的症状出现. this kind of disease is companied with the symptom of high fever. 2.那条公路修好后,这座城市周围新建了许多工厂. a lot of factories was set up around the city after the road was built. 3.这两个问题在会议上占

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在你的交际中,金钱是引起争端的主要因素吗? 我和我太太谈到钱的时候总是很困难.她说这叫她紧张.我俩跟金钱的关系截然不同.在我成长过程中总是有钱的,我家里很有钱.她家却总是负债累累.欠钱使她惊慌,却一点也不会让我烦心.


This lesson is based on Unit Four, Lesson Nineteen,Period One of Fifth grade happy English of Liaoning Normal University School book. This book attaches great importance to the development of students' language application ability. From

JANE' s vocational ability decides her vocation the leader or senior administrator of an enterprise,so JANE will layout her career by arroundi

This novel's plot looks resembles loosely, it including independent taking a walk. But it is actually take the social history big transformation as the background, take the

1.because jack's mother is a teacher. 2.because the woman is the bus driver.

With the rapid development of the economy and society of our country, higher education is receiving more and more attention. However, high education in our country is undergoing impacts and invasion from many aspects. More and more campus

Now, Men's clothing is more likely to be Woman's style, which is the so-called neuter.The armour is a really great creation. Actually, it is a sweater with lining inside. Outer of it is the coating painted on the texture of the weaved aomor. Fabrics of the

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