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a variety of products

首先,很高兴能够帮助您回答这个问题。第一步,分析句子结构和句子类型,这是一个简单句,由明显的主谓宾三大部分组成。第二步,断层句子内容,划分为 “这些”“产品”“很”“好卖”。第三步,翻译—— These products is selling good. These product i...

a list of the products the products list

产品型号 [词典] product model; [例句]制造商的产品型号,图片,说明和规格。 Manufacturer's product model numbers, pictures, descriptions and specifications.

产品成分 [网络] Ingredients; Composition; product composition; ingredient; [例句]对于产品成分和有毒化学物,我也有一定的了解。 I have a decent amount of knowledge on ingredients and toxic chemicals.

同义词 best selling products fast-selling goods best-selling goods 释义 所谓热销、畅销商品,是指市场上销路很好、没有积压滞销的商品。任何商品,只要受到消费者欢迎,销路好,都可称作畅销商品。 很多人把畅销商品理解为新商品,其实,畅...

你好! 产品信息 Product information

英语是:In order to let you know more about our products. 解释: in order to 英[in ˈɔ:də tu:] 美[ɪn ˈɔrdɚ tu] [词典] 为了…; [例句]They have to have a basic understanding of computers in order ...

1.笔记本外壳 the casings of laptop 2.笔记本外壳贴膜 the casings lamination of laptop 3.笔记本床上电脑桌 the computer desk in bed of laptop 4.笔记本电脑内胆包 the interior package of laptop 5.笔记本电脑单肩包 the sling bag of la...

designated products/appointed producted

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