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couple 貌似是这个

未来的夫妻 Future husband and wife

顺手采纳答案 这对夫妻喜欢徒步旅行的英语是This couple likes travel by hiking

忠诚 zhōng chéng loyal; faithful; staunch; fidelity; loyalty; truthful: 忠诚可靠 both loyal and trustworthy 以忠诚著称 have a name (be famed) for honesty 一旦他发了誓,他的忠诚从不动遥 Once he took the vow his loyalty never wav...

a couple

a loyal wife 忠贞的妻子 名词形式: 忠诚, loyalty 理解, understandability 宽容 tolerance 形容词形式: 忠诚, loyal 理解, understandable 宽容 tolerant

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