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到底是sB. FACE sth还是sth FACE sB

都有。sb. face sth. e.g. We'll have to face the facts. 或sth. face sth. e.g.The house faces the park. 或sth. face sb. e.g.The main difficulty that faces us today is of supplying food to those in need.



facing mankind可以看做是problems的修饰成分,翻译有障碍的话,你可以尝试把它该做从句: one of the problems that mankind are facing today is racism. 补充: 首先,这是现在分词做后置定语 又如: The girl singing in the classroom. = T...

都对的 face是及物动词 同时也有短语be faced with/by

face to:v. 朝向。这里face是不及物动词,朝,向。如: My window faces to south.我窗户朝南。 此外。face to face--面对面地,副词词组做状语,如: His dream was to meet his favourite pop star face to face. 他的梦想是要面对面地见见他...

面对做。。。事情 I face making the decision by myself. 我面对得自己下决定。。。

face 作为动词 face sth/sb 是面对....可以是抽象的 面对困难,等等 但是 face to sth 指的是 朝向...

Dleaving his face exposed leave sb doing sth leave sth.done. 笔误,sorry.


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