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ComputerNetwork ComputerNet

internet 就是互联网的意思,用它表示计算机网络最合适

WAN = wide area network,广域网 man = Maintenance Alert Network,维护警报网; = MAN-machine system,人机系统; = metropolitan area network,城域网 lan = local area network,局域网,局部区域网,局域网路 san = Severe Acoustic Noise,严重音响噪声 所以是lan

Internet now plays a inportant role in our daily life. It brings up updated news,massages,imformations and so on.We can study,have classes and even do shopping through internet. It make our life more convenient than before. With the internet our

A network link is said to be congested if contention for it causes queues to build up and for packets to start getting dropped .At such a time,demand for link bandwidth (and eventually queue space ),outstrips what is available.For this reason,many

Client/Server( C/S )客户机 / 服务器 Browser/Server ( B/S) 浏览器 / 服务器 Network 网络 ,也简称 Net WWW ( World Wide Web)万维网 Internet 互联网 Protocol 协议 IP Address IP地址 Request 请求 Response 响应 Security 安全 Local 本地 local

modern LANs can also give users a wide range of sophisticated facilities.But the most people used compter to surf the internet,the wide spread sharing of information among groups of computers and their users: I on the computer do what, I can tell

Network Computer (often abbreviated NC) is a trademark of Oracle Corporation that was used, from approximately 1996 to 2000, to market a range of diskless desktop computer devices. The devices were designed and manufactured by an alliance

lol:Laughing out loud oic:Oh, I see. mte:My thoughts exactly. brb:I'll be right back. c u 2morrow:See you tomorrow. fanx 4 ur elp:Thanks for your help. gr8:great btw:By the way imho:In my humble opinion asap:As soon as possible. F2f: face to face ICQ: I seek you

下面是我的逐句翻译,希望对你有所帮助:After a while,when offered load is increased even further (当(计算机)数据传输负载经过一段时间后进一步增加), the throughput shows a "chiff" effect (那么输出流量就会达到一个巅峰状态),

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